Graduate School

Departments of Clinical Psychology


The Department of Clinical Psychology is a Category 1 Certified Graduate School, where graduate students have the opportunity to take the Clinical Psychologist Certification Examination. Our educational programs cultivate not only research techniques and practical clinical skills but also fundamental psychological knowledge, such as cognitive, learning, and developmental psychology. Specifically, we provide lecture courses on clinical psychology research techniques, theory of psychotherapy, and practical applied clinical psychology.
By teaching creative ideas in clinical psychology, we nurture researchers who can investigate human behaviors, cognition, and emotions from a variety of perspectives. We also train clinical psychologists who can flexibly adapt to societal needs with a broad perspective.
At the Department of Clinical Psychology, students study a wide range of theories, such as community psychology, psychoanalysis, psychology of health, psychiatry, and humanistic psychology. They also learn many approaches: community approach, psychoanalytical psychotherapy, person-centered therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. We likewise offer research conferences for case studies through which students can have the opportunity to learn diverse theories and therapy techniques.
In addition to offering lectures that expand students’ knowledge about clinical psychology, the department prioritizes practical study. Students are provided opportunities to engage in internships at hospitals or development centers and volunteer programs, such as Mental Friends. Students can gain practical experience in their intended research fields through these programs.