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Departments of Psychology and Clinical Psychology Overview


At the Departments of Psychology and Clinical Psychology, students can delve deeply into a broad range of fields in psychology. The Department of Psychology focuses on both fundamental and applied domains, including sensory perception, cognition, learning, and social interactions. The Department of Clinical Psychology centers on clinical domains such as development, community, psychoanalysis, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Graduate Programs in both departments train research experts and advanced specialists in highly advanced knowledge related to human behavior, cognition, emotions, and interpersonal relationships. In the process, they are expected to acquire the strict attitude and research techniques required to conduct scientific validation from multiple perspectives. We have prepared numerous educational programs, including seminars, lectures, and training, to help students develop skills in problem discovery, research planning, data analysis, and research presentation, as well as psychological knowledge, all of which they can use to contribute to society.
We have an individual-based education system handled by advisory and sub-advisory professors, as well as group education provided by all faculty members. Both systems develop the students’ ability to perform research. Moreover, the educational programs in both departments are intertwined. Students can attend lecture courses offered by both departments. Therefore, they have extensive opportunities to learn both fields according to their broad range of interests.

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