Graduate School

Department of Psychology


Students in the Department of Psychology can delve into a broad range of psychological fields, from fundamental to applied domains. Under the former, students can engage in perceptual, cognitive, and learning psychology, as well as developmental psychology. They may also explore their capabilities in applied domains, such as adolescent, social, industrial, and organizational psychology, as well as human engineering.
Students can acquire problem-finding, research planning, data analysis, and research presentation skills throughout their research activities. Our educational and research programs place a high value on joint research guidance, whereby several professors facilitate the development of each student’s multifaceted skills required in psychological research.
The educational program for English Paper Writing and other programs serve to facilitate practical skill development and equip each student as an effective researcher. In particular, our program aims to shape students into independent researchers with a broad perspective. Therefore, we require them to engage in a broad range of fields related to contemporary psychology instead of focusing on narrow specialized fields. To provide a diverse learning experience for students, our Graduate Programs are intertwined with those in Clinical Psychology. We have likewise established programs in which guest lecturers cover the latest topics in psychology.

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