Graduate School

The Department of Psychology has a history that spans nearly a half century. With the renewal of facilities and employment of new department faculty members, we established the Graduate School of Contemporary Psychology in 2006 with two departments: Departments of Psychology and Clinical Psychology. The Department of Psychology conducts advanced studies in both fundamental and applied domains. The Department of Clinical Psychology focuses on studies in the clinical psychology domain as well as on training future licensed clinical psychologists. The educational programs in these departments maintain close and organic interaction as in approaching the psychological issues of contemporary society from a variety of perspectives.

A third department was established in 2008, namely, the Department of Body Expression and Cinematic Arts. It focuses on the analysis and development of techniques related to visual imagery and body expression while striving to cultivate specialized skills that encompass these themes. Faculty members are chosen from among researchers of cinematic arts, body expression, and contemporary thought, as well as from creators in various fields, including film, moving image, dance, and theater, to apply the dual perspective of theory and practice toward the development of the next generation of researchers and professionals in the arts and media.

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